Take care of your own Personal brand and is only the first step.

Take care of your own Personal brand and is only the first step.

Are you a footballer or a staff member, and want to progress in your career? It is not easy there is a lot of competition, and only in the small details, together with the effort you make as a professional, there is the performance, so from footballwebs.com we make a suggestion for our experience, you need:
1: Take charge of your domain with your name. It is vitally important, not only for now, but forever, even players who abandon their career, start a new stage as coaches, sports directors, agents, etc. and must:
1: Take advantage of your domain: Your name online
2: the contacts they have made, in the form of, databases, telephones, emails, personally, friends, etc.
3 Your social networks, exponentially increased by the mediatic pull that being a soccer player means, you have to take advantage of it. All of that is very important. Although when you are a soccer player you only focus on soccer, the truth is that you train 2 hours, and the rest of the day, what better than working on yourself.
For me there are several important pillars.
1 Take responsibility for your personal brand. There are many things that you have to learn, but it all starts with a website, it is where we send all the traffic of people who are going to visit you, it is where you put all your relevant information, it is where you provide the clubs, agents, sponsors, possible contact with you.
2 Invisible training. Training for Life: Everything derived, to nutrition, supplements, rest, mindfulness, and a long etc … very interesting for any player who wants not only to progress in his career but who wants to extend it, improve it, empower it to take it to its maximum level and maintain it.
3 Focus Method: This method allows you to focus, find yourself, enhance all emotional capacities, concentration, visualization, attention, etc. We are going to touch on very important topics in improving emotional intelligence. Because if something is Important it is the relationship that our emotions have with sports performance. Becoming a Jedi controlling your emotions is very important for any athlete. as a teacher like Rafa Nadal would say “I do not presume to be a self-confident person, but my head has allowed me to play with determination the most important moments of pressure”. This is be the diference. This course, will be ready in a few months, contact, to start, for the begining, Learning every single day , to be better person, better player. Buy your website easy and in 3 days you got it. www.Footballwebs.com

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